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When I needed a dog door for my Basset hound, Bubba, I wanted a quality pet door. I compared several dog doors and found the quality and value of big box retail doors did not meet my high standards. After walking away frustrated and disappointed with the customer service and craftsmanship, I decided I wanted to offer a better valued product and service to pet owners. And so, Pet Door Pro was born! Pet Door Pro’s mission is to provide a durable, efficient dog door with white glove customer service.

Pet Door Pro sells superior pet doors that will last many years with a secure warranty. Our pet doors come in a variety of sizes and colors and can be installed in glass, in doors, and in walls providing you with many options to meet your pet door needs.

I look forward to discussing options to help you and your pet pick the perfect pet door!

Dan Tripp

Owner Dan Tripp installing a dog door through brick

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